Welcome to Global Public School

GLOBAL PUBLIC SCHOOL (GPS), established in 2015 by a Visionary, Mrs. Hema Prasad, aims to create and nurture a learning culture that ushers change through education. We look towards creating a unique perspective on the role of schooling in our culture towards building a strong nation.

GPS has a healthy setting and has all the amenities and facilities to entice children and induce them to learn, play, dance and attain all-round development and excel in every sphere under the guidance of erudite teachers and caring mentors

Our focus is to prepare children with 21st-century skills with learning through inquiry, conceptual understanding, differentiated instruction, and technology integration being pillars of our pedagogy.

CBSE Affiliation Number: 1930846
A Senior Secondary School (KG-STD XII)

Our Vision, Mission, Aim & Motto

Our Vision

To seek and to inspire the students to be lifelong learners with strong rooted Indian values, who as responsible citizens in the future will make a difference to the world around them with innovative and realistic ideas.


Creating future innovators who change the world for the better. We would like to provide an environment where students can learn and work with peace of mind during the most sensitive years of their lives. We want to provide an environment, both human and physical, where students can learn and be active. We want our students to spend their precious school years not only preparing for entrance exams but also interacting with a variety of adults, pursuing their passions, thinking for themselves,opening up the future, and changing the world. We support our students to become innovators and global leaders who can open up the future and change the world.


The school aims to bring forth the ‘Total development in your Ward’. The school provides an all-round education with a focus on the spiritual, moral academic, physical, social, and cultural background to make its students intelligent and useful citizens for life. Our aim is for them to be the best version of themselves that they can be, and this is only possible if they believe in themselves and are confident of who they are and what they can do, whatever and wherever that may be.


At Global Public School - “Confidence for Life” underpins everything that we do. We equip our students with skills, knowledge and ambition to succeed, we develop their abilities and aptitudes. We guide them through their education at school and prepare them for the challenges of university and life after that.


MARG - The Way, and lie at the heart of all that we do


The Global 2.0 Experience - Imparting confidence and skills for the 21st century, the Global way!


Children can now learn to build cars from their bedrooms, write code, solve geometry problems, make jewelry, or even speak a new language. They control who they learn it from, when, where, and how. This makes them independent,imaginative, individualistic, and inventive. For them, it's about authenticity and creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. For them, it is an educational approach based on learning through innovation. For them is Global 2.0.


21st-century learning principles and 2 curriculum choices of Montessori for the KG and lower elementary students and CBSE for the higher elementary and higher secondary students. Every student is nurtured in a learner-centered inclusive approach that supports their ambitions and challenges their assumptions. The mind-body-spirit or head-heart-hands approach to all learning makes learning individually meaningful and hence, permanent.


We focus on contextual-based learning that resonates with reality and helps prepare our students to think effectively and in various contexts to face any kind of situation or challenge in life.


Fostering a robust environment in the form of various studios and labs like Art,Dance, and Music Studios, Lego, Robotics, ICT, Science, Language, and other labs.Here, little hands give shape to the bright ideas swimming in their heads, like building prototypes, painting, dancing, singing, origami, etc.


Our outdoor classroom program exposes every student to the real-world environment that helps them interact with the natural world through play-based and multi-sensory activities, increases the quantity, quality, and benefits of outdoor experiences for children, and improves mental health and academic performance.


The ‘Code Hour’ at Global 2.0 is a computer science program that provides today’s children with the necessary tools required to be smart and effective citizens in the digital world. Coding in Java, Scratch, Python, and physical computing, helps children learn to design, create and express themselves with digital technology.


Educational institutions, employers, professional registration bodies, and government immigration agencies often require proof of English language skills as part of their recruitment or admission procedures. IELTS is widely accepted for these purposes and GPS is proud to be affiliated with the University of Cambridge for the Centre of Excellence with Cambridge English and is the host center for these examinations in Vellore.


The Reading A-Z module is infused as part of the curriculum from STD I-XII onwards to inculcate the habit of reading from a young age. GPS has a rich and wide range of over 5000+ books to cultivate in the students, a habit of reading story books, books on science, and books on knowledge, cartoons, etc.


An interdisciplinary branch of computer science & engineering that involves students designing, constructing, and operating robots and embracing the principles of ‘learning by doing.


An educational lab based on the LEGO® System of bricks, curriculum-relevant materials, and physical and digital learning resources that is mandatory for students from STD I-XII.


The school houses well-laid-out play fields for football and cricket, a basketball court, two volleyball courts, two tennis courts, a skating rink (built according to the regulations of the International Skating Union - ISU), and running tracks. Facilities for carrom, chess, table tennis, aerobics, squash, yoga, and badminton will be provided for indoor games..

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