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In the next five years, the focus of Global Public School will be on academic excellence to help students get into the top higher education institutions in India and abroad.

Global 2.0 subscribes to the 21st-century learning principles and offers 2 curriculum choices of Montessori for the KG and lower elementary students and CBSE for the higher elementary and higher secondary students. At our campus, every student is nurtured in learner-centered inclusive approach that supports their ambitions and challenges their assumptions. Every student is encouraged to engage in work that matters to them personally and socially. They learn to connect their studies in the context with the actual world they live in - through fieldwork and projects, community participation, internships, and interface with the industry. Our facilities are collaborative workplaces with small-group learning and project areas, relevant technology, and common spaces where artwork, prototypes, and other artifacts of student thinking are created and displayed.The mind-body-spirit or head-heart-hands approach to all learning makes learning individually meaningful and hence, permanent.

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