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CBSE Affiliation Number: 1930846

Extraordinary beginnings
This is where a successful education begins.
Extraordinary beginnings
This is where a successful education begins.
Extraordinary beginnings
This is where a successful education begins.
Extraordinary beginnings
This is where a successful education begins.


Imparting confidence and skills for the 21st century, the Global way!


Global 2.0 subscribes to the 21st-century learning principles and 2 curriculum choices of Montessori for the KG and lower elementary students and CBSE for the higher elementary and higher secondary students. At our campus, every student is nurtured in a learner-centered inclusive approach that supports their ambitions and
challenges their assumptions


At Global 2.0, learning is a social activity with students interacting and working collaboratively on projects and other learning situations. The
curriculum and course content is dynamic.


Giving context makes learning ‘real.’ For example, a class can learn Economics, Maths, Environmental Studies, Civics and Geography in five separate sessions from five separate books in five different classes or as we do it, they can learn the various concepts and apply the scope of all these domains in one class by debating and discussing a tourist holidaying in South Africa.


A child gets to become creative by trying what’s on their mind. We foster a robust environment in the form of various studios and labs like Art, Dance and Music Studios, Robotics, Computer and other labs.


The children in school right now are technology natives. The ‘Code Hour’ at Global 2.0 is a computer science program that provides today’s children with the necessary tools required to be smart and effective citizens in the digital world.


We believe a ‘good’ life demands awareness and appreciation of the natural world around us. So to provide our students with a first-hand experience of the biodiversity that is our living universe we planted a micro forest right in our backyard; ready for them to learn from,


Sports have a multitude of benefits for students. It encourages them to stay healthy, boosts self-esteem, enhances leadership skills and self-discipline, improves emotional fitness, develops skills for teamwork and cooperation and so on. But most importantly, at Global 2.0, we take it seriously

Our campus is build to support a wide-range of learning activities. We have special facilities, which include:

  • Classrooms
  • Digital Classrooms
  • Outdoor Classrooms
  • Learning Resource Centre
  • Activity Rooms
  • ICT Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Montessori Lab
  • Discovery Lab
  • Lego Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Science Labs
  • Language Lab
  • Library Auditorium / Theatre Room
  • Art Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Music Studio
  • Multipurpose Sports Complex
  • Infirmary
  • Clinical Psychology Unit
  • Mentors
  • Personality Development
  • Parent-Teacher Interaction
  • Transport
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