System of education at GPS

The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. The system of education is based on CBSE Curriculum. The medium of instruction and communication in the premises is English. Proper care is taken in teaching of English at different levels. However, there is emphasis on achieving a better standard in Hindi as well.

  • All students should converse only in English inside the school premises, to develop their fluency in the English language
  • Students/parents/guardians will be bound by the rules and regulations in all respects which may be modified from time to time and all matters of dispute are subjected to the final decision of the Principal/Managing Director
  • Students should be decent, courteous and polite at all times whether they are in the class or in the school premises
  • Students should be orderly and disciplined at the time of assembling for prayer and also at other functions
  • Students should respect the beauty and cleanliness of the school and take utmost care to promote the same.

As per the CBSE board policy it is decided to follow NO HOMEWORK POLICY for the classes LKG, UKG, I-Std & II-Std. Our school and our teachers follow this rule & the child’s learning process is completed during the school hours.