Ample Co-curricular Activities at GPS

The academic curriculum is strongly supported by an extensive range of co-curricular activities to ensure holistic development of the students.

Apart from these, various on-and off-campus programmes include excursions and trips, and inter-school and intra-school competitions. Students are encouraged to develop their interpersonal skills through various competitions which is designed by a well experienced mentors.

  • During summer vacations, camps are organized with inputs from outside experts in several streams which include workshops, training programmes, Add on courses, etc. To encourage students, interactive sessions are conducted with visiting experts and renowned artists, scientists, and scholars throughout the year
  • The school provides opportunities to learn music
  • All students are required to opt for a performance based work-experience from a wide range of creative activities available to all students of I-VI
  • Rounder Trophies are awarded to students excelling in both academic and co-curricular activities
  • Honors badges are awarded for excellence in all areas of co-curriculars activities on the same pattern as a Scholar Badge


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