Academics at GPS

GLOBAL PUBLIC SCHOOL gives strong intellectual, moral, and practical support to children, considering Social, Emotional, and Character Development (SECD) as essential for and integrated with academic competence and success.

  • Parents are considered as responsible partners in school policy and management
  • Life skills training through experiential learning, guidance and a value-based ambience
  • We are a school that identifies and encourages inherent and native abilities, in children of all ages
  • We continuously thrive to promote self-esteem and confidence through recognition of performance and talent
  • We have designed and formulated a curriculum both balanced and global in standard, for all ability groups

As per the CBSE board policy it is decided to follow NO HOMEWORK POLICY for the classes LKG, UKG, I-Std & II-Std. Our school and our teachers follow this rule & the child’s learning process is completed during the school hours.