Global Public School

Smart Class Room

GPS initiated the use of Smart Classrooms for all the Classes. The objective of this initiative is to motivate the learners, by giving them an opportunity to enjoy the interaction technology offers and by making the subject come alive.

It will capture the attention of the learners, encouraged their involvement in the subject and enabled the teachers to use the multimedia resources with the entire class.

A judicious mix of using softwares along with traditional teaching methods will work well and the learner has directly gained in knowledge, understanding and application.

This initiative will ensure that the entire school gets an opportunity to benefit from this technological support system.

Ample Co-curricular Activities

The academic curriculum is strongly supported by an extensive range of co-curricular activities to ensure holistic development of the students.

Apart from these, various on-and off-campus programmes include excursions and trips, and inter-school and intra-school competitions. Students are encouraged to develop their interpersonal skills through various competitions which is designed by a well experienced mentors.

During summer vacations, camps are organized with inputs from outside experts in several streams which include workshops, training programmes, Add on courses, etc. To encourage students, interactive sessions are conducted with visiting experts and renowned artists, scientists, and scholars throughout the year.

The school provides opportunities to learn music (vocal & instrumental) art and dance

All students are required to opt for a performance based work-experience from a wide range of creative activities available to all students of I-VI.

All Rounder Trophies are awarded to students excelling in both academic and co-curricular activities.

Honors badges are awarded for excellence in all areas of co-curriculars activities on the same pattern as a Scholar Badge.

Healthy & Nutritious Food

Our school provides healthy soul healing nutritious food service. In GPS, we consider food as an integral part of the school program. Children enjoy the nutritious and well balanced food served during the day. We are very particular about student's hygiene and an RO system is installed to ensure the quality drinking water.

A healthy food makes it easy for students to choose healthy snacks and meals

offers a variety of nutritious foods